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Aug. 29th, 2012 06:53 am
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So I'm trying to write a Fate/Stay Night fic in which Rin summons Saber.  It is not going well at all.

The main problem is, I'm trying to write a version of the Holy Grail War, which is essentially a big action story.  I don't want to write an action story at all.  I want to write a romance/drama story with lots of introspection and people talking to each other.  Thus, this fic isn't going anywhere at all lately. 

One of the main points of my fic is Rin's conflict between being a magus and being her own self.  This comes out big time in Heaven's Feel, where she tries to kill her sister Sakura (who's gone insane and evil, and by magus standards should be killed ASAP), but at the end realizes she can't because she loves her too much.  I kind of need this catalyst in my own fic, but I absolutely don't want to deal with that whole plot mess of Sakura going evil.  Because it is a very big, very long, mess.
(Saber's character development about not feeling incredibly guilty about her failures as King Arthur can be shoehorned anywhere, mainly because the VN never really addresses that.  Which still annoys me.)

I was thinking about scraping everything and starting after the war is over, then giving flashbacks to key moments, but then that might turn into too many flashbacks.  Especially since, in theory, there would be a lot of character development during the war.
There's also the idea of just kinda figuring out some kind of plot that won't be so terrible to write, but I'm coming up completely, frustratingly empty.  Especially if my goal is less action the better.

So yeah, I have no idea what to do.  Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.


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