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Jun. 25th, 2012 11:19 pm
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I finally finished the intro part, and oh wow that was difficult.  If anyone wants to read over it and tell me what they think I would be extremely grateful, thanks.

There was an excited gleam in her eye as Rin readied her inner sanctum for her summoning ritual.  She was on the verge of her greatest achievement, even if she did have a tiny bit of help from some unknown source.

Two days ago, she had received a phone call from Kirei reminding her that she was one of the last masters who had not summoned a servant.  Rin sighed as she hung up the phone.  It was not that she didn’t want to summon her servant, participating in the Holy Grail War was her duty as a Tohsaka, after all, it’s just that she didn’t feel quite ready.  Something felt off, like something was missing.

Then along came the package.

The next morning after the phone call, as she was leaving for school, there was a mysterious package in front of her door.   Inside the large package were a gleaming sheath, and a typed note that simply said “TO SUMMON SABER.”  She had no idea where it had come from, or who sent it.  Immediately she began researching it and testing its authenticity, all the while trying to figure out how it got to her front door.  Finally, she determined that she was in possession of Avalon, the mythical sheath of King Arthur, said to fully heal its bearer’s wounds.

This was the missing piece Rin needed.  Now that everything was perfect, Rin could finally summon her servant.

She placed the artifact next to the summoning circle.   With this sheath, she would draw the strongest card, Saber, and win the Holy Grail War.  She was certain of this.

Finally, all the preparations were complete.  Rin started the incantation that would summon her servant. Soon her entire body burned with the surge of mana.  Furrowing her brows, Rin ignored the pain and continued.   After she called out the last words, there was a burst of blinding light accompanied by a fierce wind that forced Rin to shield her eyes.

Once the wind dissipated, Rin opened her eyes to see her results.  That was when she saw the most lovely figure she had ever seen in her life.

 “I ask of you, are you my master?” the figure said, her voice as clear and beautiful as a bell.

Rin could only stare at the beauty in front of her.  The figure was surprisingly small, and had the face of a young woman.  Despite that, however, Rin instantly recognized the power that small body had.  It was as if Rin had summoned a goddess.

“Are…are you my servant?” Rin finally managed to say.

“Yes, if you are the one who summoned me, I am your servant.”

“Then yes, I am your master.”  Rin took a deep breath to calm herself.  This was no time to act like a love-struck twit.  “Are you really King Arthur?”

“Yes, I am Arturia Pendragon, King of the Britons.  During my time I disguised myself as a man, but I am indeed a woman.  I hope this does not make you think less of my abilities.”

Rin blushed and shook her head.  “Of course not! I just wasn’t expecting a woman, with all the legends about King Arthur being a man and all.”  She could feel her cheeks get redder, and quickly decided to change the subject. “So you are the servant Saber, correct?”

“Yes, I am of that class.  May I ask your name?”

Once again Rin found herself blushing. “Oh, um, my name is Rin Tohsaka, I am the head of the Tohsaka family.”  Sighing, Rin decided to just give up and try again tomorrow.  For some reason all she could think about was how beautiful Saber was.  She knew the summoning ritual was draining, but she didn’t think it would drain all her common sense.

“Anyway, I’m going to bed.  We can talk strategy in the morning.”

She turned and was about to leave the basement when she heard armor clanging behind her. She turned again to see Saber walking towards her.  “Wait, I thought servants could turn into spirits when they weren’t needed.”

“I am unable to turn into spirit mode.  I am not entirely sure why, but it was not a problem last time I was summoned.”

This latest revelation made Rin’s head spin.  Saber would have to be around at all times.  That would make some things, like school, more complicated, but Rin found herself not really caring about things like that at the moment.  Instead, she was somehow very happy with this new information.

“Well, then, I will show you a room you can use next to mine.  I will also give you some spare clothes to change into.  There shouldn’t be any problems.”

The two of them went upstairs, and Rin helped settle Saber into the bedroom next door.  When Rin was finally alone in her room, she wondered again why she was acting so weird.  Saber was her servant, nothing more, nothing less.  A servant that Rin would use as a weapon during the Holy Grail war.  So then why was she thinking about all the cute clothes Saber could wear while she wasn’t in battle?   Rin cringed at her own thoughts.  She was obviously extremely exhausted, and everything would return to normal tomorrow.


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